3 Must-Have Garden Tools

Whether you garden every now and then or you do it all the time, you’ll want certain tools. Some tools are essential. With that said, here are three must-have gardening tools.

1. A Trowel

If you do a lot of digging in tiny places, then you’ll need a trowel. Trowels can help you dig the right sized holes for veggies or flowers. This type of tool has a pointed blade that is narrowed, which helps users replant plants after removing them. Just make sure you choose a trowel that is durable because if you buy a real cheap one, it might break on you as you dig.

2. Shears

Next on our list are a pair of shears, which will come in handy if you have to trim and cut shrubs. They can be used to cut decorative grass, as well as hedges. If you want to shape your garden and make it look as good as possible, then a pair of shears is a must.

There are many types of shears, so you might want to purchase a few pairs. Different sized shears can be used for different tasks, but if your yard and garden only contains a few shrubs, hedges etc. . . of the same sizes, then one pair of shears should do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll want to have at least 2-4 pairs of shears on hand.

3. A Hoe
A hoe is useful because it can even out the soil and remove weeds and roots. A hoe has blades at the end of it that are designed for chopping, and then there are other points that are used to remove weeds. There are different types of hoes, so compare a few before deciding on which one to get.

Tips For Choosing Gardening Tools

The above three gardening tools can be bought at many places, but you don’t want to buy them from just anywhere. What you want to do is research a few places that sell them and make sure they are reputable places. After you do this, compare the gardening tools they sell, and read reviews about those tools.

What you’re looking for are tools that are sturdy and reliable. If you’re a casual gardener, then cheap tools might be alright. However, if you do gardening regularly, then purchase quality tools.

Those are the top three gardening tools you’ll want to have. Make sure to keep the tips in mind too. This will ensure you get quality gardening tools that will last for a longtime to come.